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Pdx ID-005029

Length : 1.4 Feet
Width : 1.5 Feet

  • By:  
    Sangeeta kamadinee
  • Made with:  
  • Available:  
    400 Pc

Embroidery: The textured effect is achieved by varying colours and stitches of the geometric patterns and designs. Motifs are generally highlighted by the cross-stitch style of embroidery. The border along the edges of the hankie does not have a continuous pattern but consists of a pattern done by varying the count of the threads while the angular designs are achieved by vertical stitches. The term embroidery is basically defined as the method of ornamenting a piece of clothing with needlework;or embellishment with fanciful details.Thus embroidery is regarded as the art of decorating textiles using a needle and thread.Embroidery of Karnataka has earned its fame because of the versatility of creations by the artisans.The artisans of Karnataka use an array of stitches that are used to decorate the items.The most important centres of embroidery work of Karnataka are located in the Bellary regions and are admired for the creative excellence.The embroidery of Karnataka is one of the main so